Question: Can our imagination and manifestation affect other people negatively? I wouldn’t want people to suffer because of of my thoughts.

Great question. To answer this you I must first lay out the following:

1. There are no others. We are all God and God is one. This means whatever you imagine for another, you imagine for self. Which is why the Golden rule as espoused in the bible is so important. God is love. Never desire for another what you would not desire for yourself. For whatever you desire for another or do to another you do to yourself. In Mathew 25 Jesus says “whatever you did to the least of these my brothers and sisters, you did unto me”. Who is Jesus? You. Your own consciousness. Whatever you feel as real for another you feel as real for yourself for we are all one. This is a very important truth to know, as it’s the entire core of God. God is Love. God is one. We are one. No separation. So, never imagine bad or evil for another as it will come back to you.

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God became man that man may become God

Every man who has ever walked the face of the earth is a reflection of the one God. God is one, yet individualised as men. We are all one. God is dreaming a dream that he is man and in the end of each individual man’s journey, he will awaken as God. That is the resurrection. God became man that man may become God.

God , the elohim(plural) said ‘Let us make man in our image’ and then the drama begun. Man is simply God asleep, crucified in these bodies of decay to expand his creative power as each man travels on this journey to eventually fully awaken as God.

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Who is the saviour/messiah?

The bible is allegory. It is the biography of individual man explaining all that must happen in the the individual man in his journey to awakening as God. So who is the savior or messiah- Jesus christ? As I always explain, the messiah or Jesus Christ is man’s own imagination and consciousness.

Your savior is what you need at the moment. Not some imaginary Jesus in heaven. The kingdom of heaven is within. If you are poor your savior is wealth. If you are sick your savior is wealth. Etc. And this savior is a state of consciousness. If sick you enter and assume a state of wealth. If poor you enter and assume a state of wealth. If in need of a job you assume a state of one employed. If you need wisdom you assume the state of widom. And this savior is your own wonderful consciousness.

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This world is a shadow of our imaginal acts

The physical world is a shadow. It reflects our imaginal acts, past and present. Some we may have forgotten. But it always follows something we planted. The physical world out pictures us. It has no power on it’s own. What I see, I have created. Because this physical dimension is slow and bound by time we often don’t see the connection between what we are experiencing and what we Planted in our imagination in the course of our lives. So we think it’s all not connected, but it is.

Our consciousness is the light that shines upon our images(concepts of self) and casts a shadow on this 3D world. Neville Goddard says “leave the mirror and change your face.” YOUR world is simply a reflection of you.

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Question: How do I remove the doubts when you think your desire is too big?

The idea that desires are big or small are simply rooted in human programming and ideas. It’s simply conditioning.

When it comes to God, your consciousness nothing is big or small. The subconscious when creating does not know big or small or good and bad. It simply goes forth to manifest what you FEEL to be REAL. A cup of coffee or a wife or a job are all the same to consciousness. If you feel it to be real then you will have it. There is NO difference in how creation happens, based on what is desired. All is manifested the exact same way. Through man’s imagination which is God.

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Question : How do I filter negative imaginations?

Imaginations come from a state of consciousness. Who you are is who imagines. If you don’t like what you are imagining, change who is imagining by changing your concept of self. Don’t “filter”, change your concept of self.

You do this like all imagination. By seeing yourself to be the person you desire to be. For instance If I desire to stop thinking bad things about people then I change who imagines. I change myself into someone loving. A loving person does not think bad of others. And so I change my consciousness of myself and imagine myself to be a loving person. I recreate myself into one who loves. I believe myself to be love.

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Come to yourself


The kingdom of heaven is within. God is within. God is all awareness and consciousness. I AM. And it is all within. You are I AM. HOW differently would you think of yourself and others with this awareness. Would you think unlovely things of self and others? Would you walk around feeling sorry for yourself, hopeless? Or would you begin to think all the best things about self and others? If you knew you owned all things how would you carry yourself?

The prodigal son in a state of sleep like most humanity, left home (the kingdom within) and went to live with the pigs. Metaphor for crappy, lowly living, eating crap in all areas of life and beggarly slavery victim living. That’s how most of us live. We beg the world, some God out there and people to give to us, we walk around believing we are victims. We desire for even what the pigs eat like the prodigal son. We settle for crap because we think we are in lack. We settle for crap in relationships, attitudes, emotions, thoughts, treatment of self and others. Read More »